“… today, in the midst of thinking about my career, the launch of my first single, the songs that have yet to be written or finished (and the list goes on and on), i STOPPED.

i took a deep breath. closed my eyes. listened to the waves crash against what is the most beautifully breath taking sand i’ve ever experienced and had a moment. 

a moment of clarity. of joy. of peace. of happiness. of healing. 

released a simple sigh of relief and smiled. 

i will make more conscience efforts to have moments like this. eventually conscience efforts will evolve into natural habits and a way of life. 


I am reading a book called Tattoos on the Heart and at one point, author Gregory Boyle says “Home sweet home is in his own skin”. Over the past year I have found (and still am finding) so much peace and contentment in myself. I am realizing now how important laughter is and how you absolutely must fill your life with people who are okay with who you genuinely are and add to your happiness. I have been so lucky to meet who I have met, experience what I have experienced, and get to know myself more. Experiences like this cannot just be about documenting them to show your friends on Facebook; sure you are going to tell stories and share it with the people close to you, but it’s so important to recognize when it’s time to put the camera down and take a mental snapshot; when to stop and smell the roses.

Amazing! Cloud 9 wants to be where we are right now. Off to play tonight’s gig! Music rocks!

OMG liz is awesome.